If you're trying to lean out right now. Let me tell you about the benefits green tea has on your body! 

Green tea helps speed up your metabolism which will allow your body to burn more calories each day. Along with your metabolism boost, you'll get an energy boost as well which will also lead to more fat-burning. The plant chemicals and antioxidants that are packed into green tea will also help benefit your health and care for your body.

Green tea is incredibly beneficial when promoting fat-loss so step away from the coffee and give green tea a try! If you're looking to burn more fat and speed up your metabolism..it's the way to go!

Always Striving.

High Intensity Interval Training.

What is it?

High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is a form of Cardiovascular exercise that is done by performing bursts of intense work followed by short periods of rest continuously. Studies have been done to test HIIT vs  Steady-state cardio. Those who performed steady-state burned more calories, but those who performed the high intensity interval training ended up losing more body-fat.


Interval training can be done either on the treadmill or other piece of cardio equipment OR it can be done through weight training/bodyweight training as well! So don't be afraid to mix up your cardio and interval training!

Anybody who needs some ideas as to how they can incorporate HIIT into their own routine, please don't hesitate to email me! --> strivetodobetter@gmail.com <-- let's ramp up your training routine together to get you the best results possible!

Whether you're new to starting a workout routine or still thinking about getting into the gym and working on yourself.... in that case.. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND JUST DO IT. No really though, it's the best investment you could make, investing in yourself. If you're not sure where to start, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I've had a number of people reach out to me looking for workout suggestions or looking for a program to get them started.(I've never hesitated to help someone who's looking to make a positive change for themselves) or even experienced lifters looking for new ways to challenge themselves. So email me --> strivetodobetter@gmail.com and let's get you started!!

Back to the title of this article. What's a superset? In a workout, a superset is two sets of different exercises back to back without any rest in between sets. For example: If I was looking to workout both my biceps & triceps in one superset, I could do a close-grip bench press to work my triceps, do 10 reps of the close-grip bench press and then immediately do a set of standing barbell curls for 10 reps.

Close-grip bench press supersetted with standing barbell curls. 10 reps on each exercise. Or you could do 12-15 reps on one exercise and 6-8 reps on the other. The possibilities are endless!

Why supersets though? Some of the benefits of supersets include working multiple muscle groups at a faster rate as well as adding a higher level of difficulty. You could even superset two exercises that work the same muscle group to challenge yourself as well! Now, if you are just starting out, I wouldn't recommend doing a workout full of supersets, but I encourage you to give it a try with one of the workouts you're currently doing! Try supersetting two exercises in one of your workouts! If you have any questions on any of this, please connect with me and I'll help clarify anything!

Supersets help keep your body guessing, can make your workouts more exciting and fun. Never be afraid to mix it up!

Stay tuned for more Fitness Terminology!

                                                                          ALWAYS STRIVING

Every exercise program should have SOME form of resistance training in it. This can range from machines, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. WHY?

There are so many health benefits both mentally and physically from doing resistance training.

  • Improves your posture and mobility as well as balance.
  • Decreases your risk of injury (in sports or just every day life events).
  • Boosts your metabolism. As you build muscle, your body uses more energy as you rest, in turn you're burning more.(Good for weight management)
  • Strengthens muscle as well as protecting your joints from injury.
  • Can be used to improve agility, speed, endurance & stamina.
  • Boosts mood, confidence, self-esteem and sense of well-being. You feel so much better about yourself!
  • Can help improve your sleep cycle as well as fight off insomnia.
  • Helps reduce your risk of heart disease or various forms of cancer.

    There are so many benefits of resistance training... these are just a few... they should be enough though to start adding it into your every day life. If you haven't read my ebook yet. "Starting out: Your Fitness Journey is waiting" Go read that, after reading this & then tell me you still don't know if you want to start investing in yourself through exercise and wellness.... 


                ALWAYS STRIVING. DAY BY DAY.

The Dumbbell bicep curl helps isolate your biceps. There's many variations that can be done to stimulate your muscles in different ways, but for now, we'll stick to the basics!

 This will be your starting position. Standing with dumbbells down by your side.

This will be your starting position. Standing with dumbbells down by your side.

1. Once you're ready to start,  keeping your elbows by your side, curl the dumbbell upwards towards your shoulders to contract your biceps. (Exhale while you start the motion.)

 Here, the bicep is fully contracted and ready to be slowly released back to the starting point.

Here, the bicep is fully contracted and ready to be slowly released back to the starting point.

2. Once the bicep is fully contracted, slowly control the weight back down to your starting point to prepare to alternate arms. 

3. After you have completed a curl on each arm, that will count as one rep. Focus on using light dumbbells to learn and control the motion at first.

                                                                 ALWAYS STRIVING.



The goblet squat is a great squat variation to progress from the standard bodyweight squat. Holding a weight/kettlebell up at your chest requires you to stabilize your core as you're holding your torso upright.

1, Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell that you'll be able to hold up against your chest below your chin.

2. Stand with your feet placed a little wider than shoulder width, apart.

3. Start the motion by sitting back, while lowering your hips down into a squat position. Once your thighs become parallel with the floor.* Rise back up to the starting position by pressing through your feet to stand back up. That would be one rep.

*To make it more challenging, using your elbows at the bottom of your squat, press your knees outward to open up your hips more.

This exercise is great because you're strengthening your legs, glutes, and core all at once. The goblet squat helps improve your core strength, can help increase mobility and flexibility as well. With a light dumbbell or kettlebell, the exercise can be performed anywhere!

                                                               ALWAYS STRIVING

The dumbbell overhead press can be done seated or standing. Below is your starting position.

1. Sit against a bench providing back support, with dumbbells in hand.

2. With the dumbbells resting on your thighs, give the dumbbells a boost up to shoulder height and rotate your palms facing outward, as seen in the picture.

3. Once you are here and ready to start the exercise, exhale as you press the dumbbells straight up over your head.

4. Holding at the top for a second, slowly lower the dumbbells in a controlled motion back to the starting position. That will be one rep.


The benefits of this exercise include strengthening your shoulders as well as other upper body muscles needed for daily functioning.  There are also many different variations that can help you mix up the exercise as well. I will get into different variations at a later time!

                                                                                 ALWAYS STRIVING

End your next tricep workout with the Dumbbell Tricep Kickback! 

How to:

1) Grab a light dumbbell in one hand, place your right knee and right palm flat on the bench with your arm straight.

2) Bend your elbow to 90 degrees with dumbbell in hand. (This is your starting position)

3) Keeping your torso upright, and back straight, slowly extend your arm straight back to fully contract your triceps. (See video for clarity!) Refrain from swinging your arm fully. Keeping the elbow in place will target the triceps and help you feel the burn!

4) Once fully contracted, slowly bring your arm back to starting position at a 90 degree bend in your elbow. This is one rep.

The Tricep Kickback is a great exercise to isolate the tricep completely. Though it is a movement hard to fully control, the lighter weight you use, the more you'll be able to focus on the tricep contraction. I recommend, if you do plan on incorporating it into your routine, to place it at the end and focus on the other main tricep exercises like the pressdown and close grip bench press first! 

Great way to leave your triceps burning for sure! Even try a cable tricep kickback as well. The tension from the cable will give you a different resistance.

                                                  ALWAYS STRIVING.

Drinking more water should be a goal that's incorporated into your every day life. Your body is about 60% water. These bodily fluids help the following functions: Maintenance of body temperature, saliva production, absorption, digestion and transportation of nutrient.

Drinking water helps control calorie intake as well. Instead of choosing the taste of a soft drink or sugary juice, choose water! You'd be amazed at the changes that could take place once you increase your water intake and decrease your carbonated & alcoholic beverage intake.

Drinking water before & during exercise is crucial to your performance. Your muscles will not work well once fatigued and in need of water. To keep up with sweat loss, you should be drinking regular during your workouts to ensure your body is hydrated and performing at its best. 

It also helps with clear skin. Once you're dehydrated, your skin may look dry & wrinkled. Proper hydration helps improve areas that were affected by your body being dehydrated.

Just a few of the benefits of drinking water. Making a conscientious effort to drinking more water daily can help lead you & your body to living a healthier life.

Stay Hydrated!!

                                                                              ALWAYS STRIVING. 

Why you should start incorporating planks into your workout routine.

                           But first, how does one properly perform a plank? 

 1. Plank position starts with your forearms and toes pointed, on the floor.
2. Your torso all the way down to your shins should be flat and rigid with no sagging. (Keep your knees off the floor and hips up!)
3. Head should be at a neutral location looking straight down at the floor.

Hold this position for as long as you feel necessary. Time yourself and feel the burn!

Planks target all of your abdominal region, your lower back, your legs and shoulders from holding yourself up. Overall, it's a great way to end a workout. Below is a list with more of the benefits by adding planks into your program.


  •  Helps improve posture and strengthen the muscles in your back. This reduces your chances of having lower back pain.
  • When planking, you can also work on your balance, variations like side planks and extensions onto one hand will require you to focus on your balance more.
  • Planking also helps work your inner core muscles to help tighten up your midsection.
  • Great progressive exercise. You can make it more difficult with time, or different variations like positions or exercise balls. You can also start modified by starting from your knees instead of your toes.

    Challenge yourself and friends by competing with time! Always look for more ways to challenge yourself. Every single day, you're given an opportunity to make forward progress towards your goals. Push yourself, challenge yourself, and never settle.

                                                                                    ALWAYS STRIVING

If you were following me on instagram during the summer, which if you don't, you should go do that right now @CJFit603, then you already know what I'm going to say. If you forgot and you need a refresher, here are a few of the benefits of pushups(I know, I know, the title gave it away huh..) .

  • The pushup is a great movement that helps develop functional strength within the chest, shoulders as well as the triceps.
  • It also helps improve your posture by engaging your core to help your body stay upright. (Hips up! Stiff as a board!)
  • Strengthening your shoulders while holding yourself up will help prevent your shoulders from injury in the future.
  • They're also good for your cardiovascular system. With a number of muscle groups working to help you perform the pushup correctly, your heart must work to pump blood to the working muscles.
  • It can be done anywhere! All you need is yourself.

The pushup is a great exercise because there are so many variations that you can perform to help target different muscle groups at different angles. This allows you to always be able to challenge yourself. Another great thing is that if you can't do a standard pushup, you can always start with modified where you start from your knees. It's a great progressive exercise that you should definitely start incorporating in your workouts! Constantly challenge yourself & watch how much better you'll feel after seeing improvement :)


Fitness is simply the condition of being physically fit and healthy. There's a deeper meaning to it than that though. To me, fitness is both physical & mental. It's the process of creating yourself each and every day with the mindset that can't be broken.  Once you realize that you're capable of phenomenal things, you start believing in yourself even when no one else does. Fitness starts as a hobby to some and the ones that take it seriously end up falling in love with it. That's when fitness isn't just a hobby anymore because it has become a lifestyle.

Fitness is like art. You are the artist. Your health, your body, & your mind make up the work you create. What you do from here is up to you. It's all about that process of creating yourself throughout your life. That's what fitness really is. It's a journey instead of being a destination. Hard work pays off. That's what I've been taught, that's what I live by, & will continue to live by all because of how much time I've dedicated to living a healthy life. You can change your life by choosing to live a healthier one that will open up your eyes and mind to what you're truly capable of. All it takes is the effort to put one foot forward and never look back. Don't wait for a new year. Don't wait for a new month. Start living a healthier life today and don't take another day for granted. This site will give you all the tools you need to do so.


Always strive to do better, be better & constantly get better.
— CJ - Strive To Do Better Creator
the mind.jpg

The mind is a powerful thing. By this, I mean, it can either make you feel powerFUL or powerLESS. People love doing things that make them feel powerful, make them feel in control. What makes you feel in control? What gives you such feelings of great power where you just want more? When you find out what those things are, do them more. Whenever you feel like you're out of control, think about these things & how they make you feel(It will be used as a sense of comfort). Always remember, that no matter how powerless you feel, that feeling will not be permanent. You have the ability to change your mindset. You have the ability to regain the control of your own thoughts & you will do just that.  I put this under the "Fitness" because it's incredibly important to exercise your mind along with your body.

For any further tips & tricks on ANYTHING to do regarding this topic of your mindset. Please contact me via email underneath the "Contact me!" tab. I look forward to talking with you!


Slow & Steady

A lot of people have thought about starting a workout routine, eating healthier, or just living a healthier lifestyle in general. I Salute anyone looking to make a positive change in their life, but sometimes not having a sense of direction will lead you the wrong way. Jumping straight into a challenging workout program is an easy way to burn yourself out. You must realize that a slow start is better than going full speed ahead with no brakes right out of the gate.


Fitness is all about the journey. It's about taking it one day at a time, knowing that you're most likely not going to see visual results throughout the first few months. That's perfectly fine because it's developing that mentality of sticking with it, that's going to lead you to crushing your goals! When I'm talking to people who want to get into a routine, the BIGGEST aspect I encourage them to focus on, is CONSISTENCY. It's important to develop that habit. Whether it's the habit of eating a little bit healthier, going to the gym even when you're exhausted and don't feel like it, and even the habit of pushing through the pain that your body may feel during your workout. Consistency is key. It's going to give you the results you want.


Reach out to people that can help you.

I encourage you to contact me through email. I was once first starting out. I've been new to different styles of training, I've researched, and trained with people who knew more than I did. Contact me. We can discuss ways you can stick with your program and crush your goals. If you're not sure of your program or need a routine, we'll be able to set you up with a great program to start out with. To really form the consistent habit of giving it your all, that's going to be a Game Changer. -- strivetodobetter@gmail.com -- CJ