When's the last time you said you were going to get something done multiple times? "I'm going to apply for the job, I'm going to start that routine, I'm going to get that work done!" You put it off, you put it off, and you continue to put it off. Think about how much time you truly waste constantly procrastinating. We all do it. It happens. So how do you STOP TALKING AND START DOING?

  • You stop hesitating
  • You stop doubting
  • You stop overthinking
  • You stop waiting for the "right" time
  • You stop planning everything


It's about going with the flow. It's about going with the flow aggressively. Taking action requires you to actually apply yourself and put in the time & effort. You must be okay with failing. Sure, the thought of failing is scary. The thought of rejection leaves a pit in your stomach. Your fears hold you back. We're always thinking about everything that could go wrong. It's truly about shifting your focus. Imagine how you'd feel if things went the way you truly wanted them to. People say, "Well it's not good to get your hopes up. That way there's less disappointment." Sure this may be true in some cases. What's not okay is letting your negative thoughts get the best of you and cause you to stall or not even take action in the first place. Sometimes taking the smallest step forward is all the momentum you need. 



So stop putting off the things you need to get done. Stop second guessing everything  and go for whatever it is that has the potential to put you where you want to be. You'll never know if you never give it a go. It's time to turn your words into action.




That's not an option for me.

  • Every opportunity that's placed in front of you: take it.

  • That crazy dream life you wish you could live: chase it.

  • That one job that you feel you would actually enjoy having: work for it.



Why wouldn't you? It's up to you to create the future for yourself. The truth of the matter is that time doesn't and WILL NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT, slow down for you. So the more you wait for the right time to act on certain things in your life, the more time you are letting slip away. I feel if you are willing to work relentlessly towards living out your dreams & transforming them into reality, who's to tell you that you're not allowed? There's never going to be a "right" time. There's never going to be a perfect moment to make a decision. You just have to do it. Stop thinking about what could go wrong, stop letting the fear of failure, rejection, or doubt hold you up any longer. You deserve to live a fulfilled life that you have created for yourself through hard work and dedication. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Make the most of the time you have right now before it becomes the time that you have lost. We waste a lot of time thinking about the things that we want to get done instead of actually making the effort to get them done. It's all about learning how to maximize your time. Overthinking kills ideas. Overthinking leads you to bury yourself under a pile of self-doubt. Overthinking is a giant waste of time. Overthinking only exists because YOU allow it to exist. Develop a state of mind that understands your true potential. We're all capable of achieving things that we never believed we could achieve before. The development of that framework in your mind comes from taking risks, making changes and constantly adapting through new experiences. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone in order for this growth to happen. You must not be afraid of change, but embrace it. Embrace the fact that everything in life is temporary. Accept what you can't control & act on what you can.


It's all about going after what you believe in. It's all about listening to your intuition & deciding you're going to do everything you can to create your future with the intention of living a fulfilled & happy life. You're in control, but only if you fully believe, realize, & make the most of this control.


You either let shit happen or you make shit happen. Your move. MAKE, DON'T LET.

Most importantly, STRIVE TO DO BETTER. Every single day. It's a movement, it's a lifestyle, it's the only way to exist.


I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

"Look in the mirror. That's your competition." 


Every single day is another day to beat your last performance. This is what you should be aiming to do every single time. Progression comes from constant analysis. What have you done that's helped you move forward? What have you done that set you back? What are you doing right now that will benefit you in the long run? At the end of each day, think about how your day went. Think about what you accomplished. Are you satisfied?(Knowing you're doing EVERYTHING you can to move forward towards where you want to go.) Keep in mind that you can be satisfied & Unsatisfied at the same time. 


"What do you mean?" What I mean is, some days, I'm completely satisfied with the work I'm putting in to make things happen so I can move forward in the right direction. While I'm satisfied with my work, I'm ALSO unsatisfied with where I'm at which keeps me motivated to keep working. I believe they go hand-in-hand. You have to realize that there will ALWAYS be more work to do so the minute you start feeling completely satisfied with where you're at...... is the same minute you start working less & less on moving forward towards bigger and better goals. 


Become satisfied with being unsatisfied.

It means you're motivated to keep setting new goals.



Yes, it is you vs. you, but don't beat yourself up too much. Getting discouraged can truly hinder your progress. It's a waste of time and energy. A great way to keep yourself motivated is celebrating mini victories. Don't forget to clap for yourself. Some days, it feels like it's you vs. the world. Some days you just want someone to support you. That's when you need to support yourself. Build yourself up, be your own biggest fan, and keep reminding yourself how much potential you truly have within you.  Your thoughts don't control you, but you control your thoughts. Focus on the positives and make sure they outweigh the negatives. It's a matter of balance. Acknowledging the negatives is completely different from focusing on them to the point where they're draining your energy. I've caught myself multiple times placing all my focus on the wrong things that weren't helping me at all. It's an awful habit to get into so keep this in mind next time you start beating yourself up with all the things that aren't going the way you've expected them to.


Acknowledge the negatives & move on.


It's you vs. who you were yesterday. It's up to you to make sure you're constantly looking to become better by the day. Do the work even when you don't feel like doing it. 


  • Analyze your progress briefly at the end of each day.
  • Become satisfied with being unsatisfied.
  • Be your biggest supporter.
  • Let the positives outweigh the negatives


Most importantly: Each & every day.....                  STRIVE TO DO BETTER.



What does it mean to grow? To me? Growth means 1% better, 1% stronger(mentally, physically, etc. it doesn't matter, 1% further along than you were yesterday. Every day is another chance to grow. Does that means it's going to be easy? Of course not. 

Growth isn’t for everybody. Some people just want to stay the same forever.

Growing, requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. That's on you though. IT'S UP TO YOU, to make that decision. You decide whether you want to get complacent in the same spot OR take that uncomfortable step towards growing & progression. I could tell you what I think you should do, but it won't do you any good because deep down you know what you need to do. I talked about this in a recent video on Facebook. The matter of the fact is, you think your actions into existence. By that, I mean.. If you constantly think about "how hard" the work you need to get done is going to be or you "don't feel like doing it" then you probably won't. You'll find a way to make it easier, you'll put it off until tomorrow, or you just won't end up doing it at all. The truth is, you need to stop thinking about it & just do it. Easier said than done right? If you can't do that then you need to shift your ways of thinking. 

Start thinking more about how much better you'll feel, AFTER you get the work done.

That feeling of accomplishment. You know, that feeling after you slay a workout? Those endorphins just running wild through your body giving you a natural high. That feeling  can come with anything you do. The more productive you are, the better you feel, and the more you will grow. GROWTH starts and ends with you. Always remember that. So the next time you feel like taking the easy way out.... ask yourself 

Is this going to help me grow or progress?

The more you make this a habit, the more your mindset will change and soon you will be LOOKING for more difficult opportunities! Q:Why? A:Because you KNOW those more difficult challenges or ventures are going to provide you with more growth. You may gain new insight, a new perspective, learn something or just simply see more potential in yourself.  To put it simply, growth is not supposed to be comfortable or relaxing. It's going to require every bit of energy you have, but it's going to be rewarding in the long run. Never forget that. Next time you're faced with difficult situations, remember, it means you're growing.

Grow through what you go through.

                                                                                                      ALWAYS STRIVING.


  • wait for the right time
  • wait for a "spark" of motivation
  • wait for things to start making more sense
  • wait until you feel good enough



If you keep waiting around to start something? If you keep putting things off from one day, to the next, and the next thing you know, it's next week? Guess what, if you don't start now, then you're probably going to be waiting forever. When it comes to investing in yourself... you need to stop waiting. You need to make the leap and start now. You need to figure out what you want & where you want to be RIGHT NOW. Once you figure it out, write it down, write it down 10 times and embed it into your brain that you are going to accomplish what it is you want to accomplish. When you set goals that you're completely serious about going after, you'll know you care about them because you'll always find your mind wandering back to them. MAYBE, you haven't even set these goals, yet you still find yourself thinking about them. Now it's time to set them. I think about my goals, every single day, if not every minute of every day. I think about where I want to be, what I want to have accomplished, and what I have to do to get there.


You can't wait around. Time will not slow down to accommodate you to help you figure things out. Take the time to put some good thought into what you truly want out of your life. Once you know, the first step is done. Then it's time to formulate a plan of action that will help you reach what you want. Step-by-step, break it down into tiny processes that will add up in the long run. This is such an important part of the plan because it's easy to set giant goals, but if you don't have any clue on how you're going to check those goals off, you might be wasting your time. It's time to break it down(no, I don't mean break into dance...) to give you as much clarity as to what it's truly going to take. It's all about the journey towards reaching your goals. It's the excitement of the unknown, yet knowing you're willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen.


It starts when you decide it starts. It starts when you decide that you're done waiting around for things to just happen. 

It also ends when you decide it ends. It ends when you decide to throw in the towel for good. You wouldn't do that though, would you? Not if you truly wanted something bad enough. DOn't quIT. 


I refuse to wait around. I refuse to get caught NOT making moves. Why wait? If you're not either thinking about your next move or you're overthinking the current move that needs to be made(right now)...... you need to STOP THINKING AND START DOING.

Or you can go ahead and wait.. let me know how that goes.

Hold yourself accountable.

It's essential in ensuring you get everything done, that you think "needs" to be. Set alarms, set reminders, write notes to yourself, whatever you have to do! The key to holding yourself accountable is constantly reminding yourself why you set your goals in the first place. Don't bother setting goals you don't plan on obtaining, no matter how long it may take, because the chances are, it may take months, even years(depending on the size of your goal). Every time I set a new goal, it's because I have full intentions of achieving it, no matter what the cost may be. That's how it should be EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Talking about what you're going to do is 10x different than actually doing it. Make it apparent that no matter what tries to stand in your way, you're going to hold your ground, you're going to stay with it, and you're going to hold yourself accountable every time there's an opportunity to get something done. No excuses, no procrastination. The only way you're going to actually make progress towards accomplishing your goals, is to put in the effort, do the work, and push yourself every chance you get.

No one said it was going to be easy.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Whatever you do. Hold yourself accountable. Do the work and watch things start to happen for you.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Be honest with yourself. Are you doing everything you can, to earn the results you're looking to earn? Always look for ways to challenge yourself even more than you may already be doing. The matter of the fact is, you should be constantly comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone. I truly believe this.

It's not easy getting to the gym at least 5 days a week, it's not easy eating healthy when you're craving salty foods or sweet cupcakes or pie or 2 gallons of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream(okay maybe only one gallon..)  You must realize that the easy way out will give you the minimum results. It's not easy being dedicated to something, going all in, every day, day in and day out. It's not supposed to be. Don't just do the minimum if you're looking to get the maximum. 


This translates over to anything in life though. You want a job interview with a company, you want a new car, you want to learn a new skill, then be aware that it's going to take everything you have, to get it. When it comes to goal setting...set high expectations for yourself. I think it's so important to set high expectations right off the start because then you have something seriously work for. Knowing you may have a long journey and a lot of work in front of you, it's just going to be that much more rewarding when you achieve it. It's the process, that counts. When you're serious about your goals, then you know for a fact that every single step you take will show how badly you want to achieve it.


Challenge yourself daily. 

  • to grow
  • to learn
  • to evolve
  • become more self-aware
  • do at least one task that you would normally put off for a few days
  • to constantly look for ways to push yourself and STAY out of your comfort zone.





I'll tell you right now, if you ONLY just want the results that come with exercising, right off the start... you're NEVER going to stick with it in the long run.    ... How do I know this? Because I see it all the time. I see people starting workout routines, "ON THAT GYM GRIND"... thinking the results they're looking to see, will happen in 3 weeks. No. Not even two months. DEPENDING, on how hard & often you work....you might not even see visible results in half a year. Tough, but true. I'm calling out all those workouts or diets people look to do, like the 21 day fix. I'm talking about the "28 DAYS TO SICK ABS"..... like NO... it doesn't work like that I'm sorry. Sure, you can make progress in that amount of time. I mean, if you're dedicated to focusing on your eating habits as well as your training, then yes! You will progress forward in that time......but and that's a BIG BUTT, Like KIM KARDASHIAN BIG....    YOU WON'T SEE THIS PROGRESS. YET.

Now, this isn't aimed to frustrate you, this isn't supposed to rain on your gainz parade, but it's just the reality of how long it takes. It takes everything you have, every day, for months.. for years! I've been at this for  5-6 years. I get frustrated too when I don't feel like I'm making progress(because I'm not instantly seeing this progress).. Like yes, that's normal to get frustrated. THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU QUIT. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU STOP WORKING(and I see this so much). It means you keep working your little tail off because EVENTUALLY you will SEE those results. AND MAN OH MAN DOES IT FEEL GOOD WHEN IT HAPPENS. 

So next time you feel yourself wondering why you're not seeing results, next time you feel like you're giving it EVERYTHING YOU HAVE and NOTHING is happening, remind yourself that everything worth having takes time. HELL, shoot me a message on Facebook(Strive To Do Better), snapchat(@Codyfricknjones), instagram(@CJFit603), twitter(@_cody_jones_ @STDB_Official), WHEREVER YOU FOLLOW ME, and ask me why you're not seeing results and I'll tell you to come read this article again. Exactly, it'd be a waste of time. You know what it's going to consist of. Getting frustrated on why something isn't happening instantly is a waste of time, yet I do it, you do it, everyone does it. That's why it's always nice to have that reminder to have PATIENCE. 

Be patient, keep working, & don't stop until you start seeing the results you want to see. It is in NO way easy, it's physically demanding, it's mentally demanding, but it's 110% worth it. I WOULDN'T SAY IT IF IT WASN'T TRUE.

Once you see the smallest results, it's going to motivate you to a level you didn't think was possible, you're going to fall in love with the process(most people don't understand what this means until it happens...you'll know what I'm talking about..), you're going to take pride in your hard work because YOU REALIZE IT'S WORKING, but that's only if you push yourself through the frustration of having to be patient.  You can do it. I know you can. YOU know you can, so keep at it. Every single day, for the next year. Then come back to me. Then tell me I was wrong... you won't be able to.

It's Saturday night, February 25th. You won't read this until Sunday the 26th, or whatever day you decide to read this(If you decided to). If you did, thank you. It actually means the world to me. I would love for you to share this with someone you think could also benefit from reading it. Spreading motivation is something that you should start doing daily, to hold yourself accountable, as well as others. That's why I write these and will continue to write them. One day at a time, we're moving forward. I'll join you on your journey if you join me on mine. Strive to do better, each and every day. It's a lifestyle.

Thanks for letting me rant to you<3 NOW GET BACK TO WORKING ON YOU. 


Until you prove that you're willing to work for it? You don't deserve anything. Everything WORTH having doesn't come easy. It shouldn't. If you truly want something, prove yourself, show the world why you deserve to have the things you want. For example, if you think you deserve happiness, but every time something doesn't go your way, you take it straight to Facebook for the world to see....DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT'S GOING TO HELP YOU AND YOUR HAPPINESS? Spoiler alert: It's not. In fact, it will not help in any way. Redirect your focus. Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Don't broadcast the negativity, but instead do your best to learn from it, grow from it, and move on from it. The feeling you're feeling in that moment, will not last forever. Realize that and be aware that everything you go through, you can grow through. 


I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.
— Thomas Jefferson

Work your ass off. If you truly, honestly want something, then this should be a no-brainer. Everybody talks about what they want, what they want to happen, what they THINK they deserve. The matter of the fact is, you deserve it when you P R O V E that you deserve it. What are your dreams? Now look at how you're living your life at this moment. Do you truly think you deserve to live your dreams? If not, then you can change that. NOW. Today & every day after. Work harder. Work smarter. Keep moving forward towards the life you want to live. When you can finally say you're living your dreams, that's when you'll know you deserved it.


Everybody goes through those times. You feel like you're doing everything you possibly can to make progress, but you don't see any actual progress happening. That's ok though. This is me saying, IT'S OK to feel stuck. It's bound to happen, you're working your ass off, but the results will not always come in a steady flow. You see, results come in waves, results come when you're least expecting it. It's important not to let the frustration of not seeing those results instantly, distract you from the fact that the results you're waiting for will come. THEY WILL COME. As long as you keep moving forward. As long as you keep putting in the time, the results are going to have no choice but to show themselves.

"Constant progression requires constant action." You. Must. Keep. Moving. You must keep looking ahead. Sure, you may feel like you are doing your absolute best... but the matter of the fact is that your best can always get better. Your main focus is to keep evolving. To keep growing, this is how "your best" stays your "best" which means you are consistently, relentlessly, doing everything you can to move forward towards who you want to be and what you want to become.
It's OK to feel stuck. You're human. As long as you're giving it everything you have, the best is yet to come.




No... this isn't a rant about some product that doesn't work as well as the owners say it will... although there are a lot of those out there! That's for another day though. No, what I'm not buying is, the whole "I don't have the time" excuse people use. Whether it's being used to avoid exercising, or focusing on any other aspect of your life.

When I first heard this quote, man(It's right underneath..see the quotations? C'mon)..... it's stuck with me since. If you have dreams, goals, or just tasks you want to accomplish. Do them. Don't sit around when you get home from work complaining that you don't like your job. Don't sit around saying, "I'm too tired to do anything now." No, you're not motivated enough. If you really want to change your life, you need to get up and get going. Work on yourself. 


Don’t work 8 hours at your job for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You’re not tired, you’re uninspired.
The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.
— Abraham Lincoln --

Close your eyes, really think about this question. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? What do you want to happen? Where do you want to live? What kind of job do you want to have? If you're not sure about any of these questions, then that's fine because you have time to figure it out! If you know where you want to be & what you want to do, then you need to act on your goals now. You're in control of your future. As long as you're willing to work, you can speak & act your future into existence. It's about what you do each day that you're given the opportunity to grow, learn, & work. It's up to you to make progress though. No excuses. Time is on your side, but only if you're willing to make the most of it.

Like what drives you? What keeps you up at night? Your dreams? Your goals? Do you stress over the future? I know I do. I don't want to fail, but at the same time, I'm aware that it's essential for my growth. You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have to struggle, you have to push yourself, & you have to keep moving forward no matter how hard it may become, to get through each day. Keep working towards who you want to become & what you want to do. Make the most of each day, work on your goals, & DON'T WASTE TIME.