The Journey

Everybody starts somewhere. Everybody has their own stories to tell that everyone can take something out of. I definitely would love for people to be able to share their stories through a blog on this site. That way, instead of it being just a website, it can become sort of like a community. Where people can post about their progress, why they started and what motivates them. I say this, because I'm motivated, by learning from other people. You never know who could inspire you and what they can teach you. So please, by all means, share your stories and let's all get to know each other! StriveToDoBetter is something I want to start, as a movement to live not only a healthier life, but a happier life. So in order to help make this happen, I'll need you to email me -- , your blog post(it could be anything really!) and I will post it once I get around to it. Include any social media accounts you would like to promote or if you'd like to keep it anonymous, your secret's safe with me!

Every journey starts with the will to take action. Live life how you want to live it and don't look back.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I'll be posting on here frequently as well... you'll know when it's me :)

- Cody Jones