How do you start your mornings?

Tuesday February 28th. 



It's crazy to think that we're already done 2 months in 2017. Feels like we were just celebrating the new year! Time flies for sure..



I wanted to talk about some of the ways I stay so motivated in working towards my goals. It starts with the morning. How do you start each day? Do you have a routine? Or is every morning different than the one before?



Most of my mornings(before I get to the gym), are spent listening to music. I love to put on some songs that aren't only going to get me ready for the gym, but also get me ready for the day ahead of me. I personally think it's super important to do everything you can to prepare yourself for the day, with good energy, a clear head, and focus for what you aim to accomplish on that day.



Another thing I like to do, is remind myself of my goals, long term, short term. It's always good to remind yourself constantly what you want to accomplish because(at least of me) it gives you a sense of clarity. Why are you doing what you're doing each day? Why are you putting in the work you're putting in? What do you want to achieve today? This Week? Next month? Even within a year or two? Ask and answer some of these questions each morning as a reminder that it's a constant battle between you and your mind. It's not easy to stay motivated all the time, but knowing the purpose of the actions and steps you need to take in order to progress towards your goals, will help you prepare your mind for another day of work.

On a side note, trained shoulders and traps this morning. Had a solid workout, murdered my cardio session(even though it felt like it was murdering me the whole time....), and even put up a mini clip on my Facebook page(Strive To Do Better) that included some footage of the end of my workout, some rear delt cable flyes and Barbell shrugs.

EVERY DAY WE'RE DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PROGRESS AND MOVE FORWARD. If you can confidently say that, then I salute you. If you can't look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that...... then you better getch yo mind right!

Always Striving. Do more. Every single day.