Prep Confessions part II

What's going on ladies and gents. It's Thursday night, 10:50PM. Here's part two of prep confessions. Been a good week, still staying strong, no cheating on my training, no cheating on my diet and I'ma finish what I started as strong as when I started. You can't break me. I was thinking earlier today(while I felt like I was starving to death) about how I constantly make the joke that when I train and talk about training, it's all about making gainz(I mean it is...but..) and gainz are the only thing that matters.. I want to expand on what training truly means to me. (get out the tissues..jk)


I learned through training, first hand, that hard work pays off. I can say "hard work pays off" 1000 times to someone, but if they haven't experienced it themselves, they're not going to fully understand it the way I'm trying to make them to. I learned through training to truly love who I have become (which to me is a hardworking individual with a drive and mindset that's unstoppable no matter what tries to interfere.) I learned through training that when times get tough, you have to become tougher. I could go on and on about what training has taught me and what it truly means to me(and maybe I will in another post), but what training in and outside of the gym has truly taught me is that my ambition is just so built up and continues to constantly and consistently build... that if I didn't try to share it with others, I would probably go insane. I would lose my mind and feel like no one would ever understand me.(Sometimes still feel that way.)


That's why I write these. That's why I'm constantly posting motivation on my snapchat, on my instagram, on my Facebook...EVERY CHANCE I GET. I can't fake this. It's a mindset that I've developed and if I have the opportunity to impact someone else's life in a positive way, through my words, through my journey, and through my knowledge...then you know I'm going to do everything in my power to help others. I'm looking at the long term of all of this. I'm looking at people coming back to me in 3 months...I'm looking at people coming back to me NEXT YEAR to tell me that since they started truly investing in themselves, their life has become so much better, because I promise will. When it does, I want you to come back to me. I want you to tell me your story and if you want, I want to share your story with others, to see how you can inspire others with your journey as well.

I think one of the most important things to understand is... this is honestly not me trying to motivate you. This is me trying to inspire you.. to Inspire you to inspire yourself. I don't want my words to motivate you in this moment. I want my words to inspire you to take action on making yourself your most important investment from this day on. I want you to take care of yourself. I want you to constantly focus on moving forward towards who you truly want to become. I want you to strive to be the BEST version of yourself that you can possibly be EVERY SINGLE DAY. I promise you that it's not in any way going to be easy, but it's 200% worth it. 


Strive To Do Better. Is something I created because I'm so passionate about fitness and so intrigued with how it can change people's lives for the better. Strive To Do Better isn't just about constantly looking to become a better you, but becoming a better you, to also help better others and the world around us. I like to see myself reaching out to thousands of people in the next years to come(and I won't ever stop trying). I see myself impacting people to keep moving forward while helping them learn how they can do so. Strive To Do Better is a movement and a community. It's not just to be looked at as a brand. It's to be looked at as a lifestyle. So as you are finishing reading this, if you agree with anything you just read, all I am asking you is to simply share the movement, pass it on, share the brand, share the page, with a friend or someone who you know would love to be apart of it...apart of making a positive impact on yourself and the world you live in..(I'm obviously not asking you to share it with all of your Facebook friends..or on instagram or something....although I would obviously love you and be so humbled if you did) Just one person. Tell a friend, tell a family member and let's build it up together.


If you do choose to share it with someone(I thank you ahead of time), tag me in the post (Cody Jones) my personal accounts so people can see who I am and what I am about. I love meeting new people and if any people have questions to ask me about myself or the brand I'm looking to establish.. I'm more than happy to answer any questions and get to know potential new members of the Strive To Do Better movement!


Again, from the bottom of my heart, I can't thank you enough for the support, I can't thank you enough for reading this. I'm just an average dude with some huge ambitions and goals to help inspire thousands and thousands of people to invest in themselves and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I'm so passionate about what I stand for that sometimes it's truly hard to put into words(so I rant about everything on my mind), but thank you for listening to me rant. It's 11:30PM now and leg day awaits me in the morning. I'll talk to you guys soon.


Keep striving to do better. Every day.


Cody Jones

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