The most motivating words.

"You can't do _________". "You won't do that". 

Oh yeah? Watch me.

You can't let people's thinking affect your way of thinking. Not everyone is going to think like you.  That's a good thing. Your goals should be so large that when you tell people what they are, they look at you, laugh & say, "Yeah right.." That means you have something serious to reach for and something that's going to take EVERYTHING you have, to work for. The more you let people get into your head...

  1. Their thoughts will start to become yours
  2. You'll overthink everything
  3. You'll second-guess yourself
  4. You'll start crossing off those big goals & shoot smaller(all because you let someone else's thoughts stand in the way of your own)

   Instagram: @CJFit603   Let's connect :)

Instagram: @CJFit603 Let's connect :)

Train your mind, so that when people doubt you, when people underestimate your abilities, you just become THAT much more MOTIVATED to prove them wrong.(Of course that shouldn't be your main focus.) Your main focus shouldn't be to prove others wrong, but to prove yourself and show that everything you wanted to accomplish, you did.. because you believed in yourself no matter what other people may have thought or said to try & bring you back down to earth. At the end of the day, others opinions and words don't mean a damn thing until you LET them mean something.


WHY WOULDN'T YOU SET GIANT GOALS? They may take years, hell maybe even a DECADE, but having that end goal in mind means YOU HAVE HIGH STANDARDS AND HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR YOURSELF. Other people might not have these expectations for themselves which is WHY they'll tell you that you can't do it! It comes down to the fact that you believe you can accomplish something & you'll do whatever it takes to put in the work & make it happen.

Set high goals, let people tell you that you can't or won't do something, and go do it anyways. Why?

Because you can. Always strive to do better. It's a way of life.