Today's Workout, CHEST ABS CARDIO(EW)

Checking in. Guys, it's 6:30PM, Monday, March 6th.  Had a killer workout this morning and wanted to share it with you guys!(To whoever reads this... thank you.)

Started off with Barbell Bench Press(almost always do!)  ------- F*** STRESS, BENCH PRESS.

Barbell Bench Press - 2 warm up sets of 10 reps.
                                   6 working sets of 8-10 reps

Incline Dumbbell bench press - 3 sets 6-8 reps

Seated cable chest press - 3 sets of 8-10 reps
                                            2 sets of 12 reps

Dumbbell Flyes - 3 sets of 15 reps

One arm dumbbell bench press* - 3 sets of 12 reps each side

Cable Flyes (High pulley) - 3 sets of 15 reps **
Cable Flyes (Midway height) - 3 sets of 15 reps **
Cable Flyes (Low Pulley) - 3 sets of 15 reps **

ABS -  3 sets 5 reps each consecutively (15 reps total)  - Hanging leg raises, hanging knee raises, hanging bicycles

          2 sets 15 reps each consecutively - SEATED - Russian twists, in & outs, bicycles

CARDIO(EW) - 25 minutes on the elliptical - 2 minute warm up , 20 minutes. (Intervals, 45 seconds fast, 15 sec all out.) - 3 minute cooldown..... FUN FREAKIN STUFF..

Couple notes to be made. 

*The one arm dumbbell bench press is performed like a normal bench press, but you are only holding one dumbbell and focusing on one side at a time. This is a great exercise to isolate the chest and keep it interesting as well. The weight all on one side forces you to stabilize yourself as well so you don't fall off the bench and make a fool of yourself and everyone laughs at you as you leave the gym crying. (no....that didn't happen to me...I WAS JUST SAYING) BUT, the loaded weight on one side requires you to use your core to help keep your balance, go light!

**I always love finishing my chest workouts with cable flyes, I think it's MUY IMPORTANTE to hit the chest from all angles to fully develop it! Make sure you're switching up incline, decline and flat on both bench presses, flyes and cable flyes! 

Day in, day out... you have to figure out what you truly want and go after that ish.. relentlessly. Doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, doesn't matter how you're going to look in the eyes of others. As long as you're giving your all, every day, devoted, committed and constantly looking to progress towards your goals. DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING. Please don't forget that. Just the start of the week. Let's make it a great one.                                              ALWAYS STRIVING.

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