It's now July 5th. I know right, it sucks, that mini-vacation went by way too fast. So you know what that means? It means it's time to get back to work and continue grinding it out towards your goals. Relaxation is great when you truly deserve it. Relaxation is also very dangerous. It puts you in a state of mind where your worries are left behind and everything just seems SWELL. Until it's time to get back to reality. There's a shift in your mindset when you're working towards your goals to when you're sitting back and just enjoying life. Getting back to work after a day off for the holiday feels like you just got hit by a mack truck. It feels like you're jet lagged, am I right? 


Here's the secret: It's all in your head.


You see, the thing is, a lot of people use the day after to "recover". The first day back after a "vacation" is THE WORST. It's the day people use to complain about being back at work. It's the day people use as an excuse to take it easy & just go through the motions. You know how you overcome ALL of those feelings? YOU BLOCK THEM OUT. ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU'RE BACK TO WORK AND WORK YOUR FACE OFF. Why? The feeling of being productive will take over and you'll forget that you even took a break to begin with.


There's not a moment in time, no matter what day it is or what time it is, that my goals aren't on my mind. Developing this mindset helps keep me motivated, committed and ready for everything that comes my way. My goals keep me up at night. My goals leave the gears in my head constantly turning & I wouldn't have it any other way. Just remember that you control your thoughts. Having full control of your thoughts allows to be in control of your feelings as well. 



 I'll tell you one thing though, the WORST thing you can do is take an unnecessary day off from your regular routine. Do what you have to do to mentally prepare for the next day. Whether it's the same morning you go back to work or the day before, staying ready so you don't have to get ready is SO important for your progress.



You want to know the worst part about all of this is? This is every Monday for a lot of people. Their mindsets change the minute the weekend hits(maybe even a couple days before). Then they wonder why every Monday ALWAYS drags( mean it's not Friday yet?). Now, obviously I'm not saying the weekends aren't supposed to be enjoyable. What I AM saying is, constantly thinking about the big picture of what you want to accomplish, what you're working towards, and why you're staying consistent towards your goals will help keep you on track & kick those Monday & Post-holiday blues to the curb ASAP. Why complain? The negativity is all around. Might as well add to it right? Wrong. It's not worth your time and certainly not worth your energy.


Focus on what can be done today. Focus on what you can accomplish today that will allow you to be further along in the pursuit of your goals tomorrow.



Change your mindset, change your life.


Another day, you can go ahead and make excuses, slack off and do the bare minimum      OR     TAKE INITIATIVE AND STRIVE TO DO BETTER.

Doing both isn't an option.

Execute. There is only so much time in the day. Everybody is given the same 24 hours. What you do in your free time is completely up to you, but I suggest you execute. Execute on what?

  • The smallest tasks that need to be accomplished (write a list, most important first on the list, and check it off as you go.)
  • Staying focused instead of getting distracted by the smallest things (I wonder what's going on, on FACEBOOK RIGHT NOW?) 
  • Catching yourself making excuses or overthinking instead of doing(aka fully and completely executing). (Read my blog post: "Stop hesitating" to learn the 5-second rule)
  • Being present in the moment, the weekend is not here yet, so stop focusing on it, focus on the day that's in front of you and the time you have RIGHT NOW. (Right now matters.)
  • Being patient with the fact that the road you're on to get where you want to end up is a long, winding road. You may get pushed off course, you may get pushed in reverse. Stay patient, but stay working. (Macro patience, Micro speed - Gary Vaynerchuk)
  • Winning the day so you can reflect on the day before you go to sleep and can confidently say you did everything you could to help move yourself forwards towards accomplishing your goals.
  • Simply enjoying the journey of your life. Through the good and the bad, you're going to grow, learn, succeed, fail, rejoice, dwell, win and lose.(It's all a part of the process. Embrace it as it happens, let it go as it passes.)

Execution, surprise surprise.... isn't easy. It's not supposed to be. When you learn to choose to make the hard decisions. When you choose to push yourself every day, your mindset is going to transform, your confidence will shift, and you will learn to stand your ground on any challenge that you may be faced with. Execution is the key. You hold that key. Whether you choose to utilize that key is solely up to you and only you. 



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"I'm doing the best I can.." needs to be taken out of your book of phrases. The matter of the fact is, your best? Can always get better. You can always do more. You can always improve. If you're not seeing improvements or changes, then that just means you need to search within you and realize you're capable of so much more. Be so caught up in the fact that you're truly doing everything you can to improve & make forward progress, that you don't have the time to dwell that you're not seeing results or improvements right away. They will come as long as you have the will to be patient & stay working hard.

It is easy to get frustrated on the journey. It's full of ups and downs. Don't take the easy way out though and (try to) place blame on different factors. Making excuses will do nothing for you. "I'm doing the best I can" is simply an excuse for people to make when they want to put on the brakes and overthink everything on why they're not seeing instant results or progress. "Why would anyone want to overthink anything?" You're right. So don't do it. Don't overthink it, instead use that feeling of "doing everything you can" to work even harder. That's the only way you're going to improve. That's the only way you're going to see change. Toughen up that state of mind, get to work, and constantly look for ways to better your best. It can be done, believe me.

The greatest thing about the work you put in, is that it can be constantly controlled. The amount of effort you put in can be controlled. If every day, you're relentlessly putting in the effort to become better than you were yesterday, then there is no question about it, you're going to see change. You're going to see improvement. That's how it works. You need to challenge yourself. You need to push yourself. You need to BECOME COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. Do this. For months. For years. Do this until it becomes automatic. Do it until you're completely obsessed with the process of pushing yourself past your limits, because you realized that the limits you thought existed, only existed in your mind. 

So again, when you feel like you're "doing the best you can" that's setting a limit in your head to make you believe that, this is it, it can't get any better and you're just going to be stuck there seeing no more results. That's not true at all. Change your mindset to believe that your best is constantly getting better, whether you can visually and physically see that or not. Because if you're working as hard as you say you are, It's true. So going forward: I personally challenge you to better your best. Every single day, make progress towards working harder than you did yesterday. The results, the improvements, the changes you want & are expecting to see, will come all in time. Be patient, work hard, & always strive to do better.

                                                                 ALWAYS STRIVING

Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters.
— Pandora Poikilos (Author)

Honestly, the quality of my time management was never pristine, but once I started working three jobs.... it sure cleaned up a little bit.. because it had to.



Time management is so important. You only get so many minutes in the day. No matter what you plan to do each day, sometimes there's no possible way to get everything done. It all comes down to prioritizing. Time management honestly comes down to sacrifice. The chances are, you have to sacrifice what you WANT to get done for what you SHOULD get done. It's so easy to sit back and say "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow." but in reality, if you're saying that now, who's to say you won't say it AGAIN tomorrow. Next thing you know, tomorrow turns into NEXT WEEK. The main goal is to limit the amount of times you say, "I'll just do it tomorrow."

It's not something that you're just naturally good at. Or maybe you are. Maybe you have always been great at managing your time, maybe you didn't have to work for it. Consider yourself Lucky. This article might not relate to you then, but for most people though, myself included, it's a skill that has to be worked on each and every day. It's not in any way easy. No matter how hard you try to organize, plan, prioritize... the reality is, it's always going to feel like "There's not enough time in the day." That's because not everything is always going to go according to plan. That'd be too easy anyways, right? I'm writing this to you though, because as I've gotten better at managing the time I'm given each day, I feel much better knowing that I'm doing everything I possibly can, to get everything done.

I can't stress it enough, that if you truly want something to get done, you won't wait around. You won't wait until you "FEEL LIKE" doing it. Time flies. Sure, you can wait. Wait around for the right time to do something(there's no such thing), but time doesn't wait for anyone. Months go by and you're still putting off the things YOU SHOULD be putting the time and effort into? Then you can't blame anybody but yourself.

  • it's going to suck
  • it's not going to be easy
  • you're going to get frustrated
  • you're going to want to quit
  • you're going to second guess yourself
  • you're going to look for EVERY single excuse in the book to stop you from doing what needs to get done.
  • you're going to become extremely tired. It's hard work, you're supposed to be tired.


All of these listed above are true. I go through them from time to time. It's the reality of working towards what you want. IT'S NEVER GOING TO SEEM EASY. The time you're given each day is a blessing. If you waste it on useless tasks for temporary satisfaction, you deserve exactly what you get.  TAKE CONTROL OF THE TIME YOU'RE GIVEN AND WORK ON YOUR GOALS ENDLESSLY AND RELENTLESSLY.
                                                                                                                             MANAGE IT.


Wait....don't do it? But, but Shia Labeouf told me to "JUST DO IT" Yeah, well I'm telling you not to. "What do you mean?", [shoutout Justin Bieber]....... what I mean when saying this, is doubt. "A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction." Time & time again, we find ourselves doubting what we're capable of doing. When going after something you want, you should possess a mindset that can't be changed no matter who tries to tell you that you can't do it. Nobody knows you, like you know you. You need to be confident that you can accomplish anything.  Q: WHY? A: Because you CAN.

Just a few ways of how you can rid yourself of the doubt you may have inside your mind:

  • First, comparing yourself to others. Don't do it. If you catch yourself doing this, it means you're not completely focused on yourself. Once you learn to do this, you'll realize that those comparisons never mattered and you'll become more productive and happier with yourself. ..Like... you should go and love yourself. ..(another shoutout...really..?)
  • Looking at failure in a negative way. Don't do it. Every set-back you experience, can be used positively. Look at what went wrong, and work on becoming stronger in that area. Set new goals and put that failure behind you, convince yourself that you won't let it get to you and come back stronger. YOU CAN DO IT (Rob Schneider voice).
  • Letting bad days get to you. Don't do it. Everybody goes through bad days here and there, but that doesn't mean you have to let it ruin your progress. Self-reflection/ time to yourself every night about the day you just had can really help benefit you and prepare you for the next morning.
  • Overthinking situations. Don't do it. Listen to your favorite music, that puts you in a good mood, or read a book to help take your mind off of whatever has been bugging you! Constantly being stuck with your own thoughts can be mentally draining, figure out a hobby, or just something you can simply do that will steer your thoughts away from your stress. Again, this is a great habit to do before you lay down to fall asleep every night.


Basically, once you can control your thoughts better, you'll find out that the doubt you're holding inside your mind is only existing because you're allowing it to do so. Stay strong, focus on finding the positive side of everything. DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF. Go after what you want, knowing you're going to do everything you can to get it.


When you focus on what you want, everything else falls away.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word focus? Some think about a camera focusing on a specific object when you're trying to take a photograph. You have to hold the camera steady, to blur everything around the object your camera is trying to focus on. When focusing on a specific task, YOU are the camera. Your mind can be filled with distractions that are holding you back from fully focusing on the task at hand that you're trying to accomplish. In that case, you need to steady your mind into blurring those distractions out. Whether they are only mental distractions or even physical distractions like that damn phone that keeps going off because you're so popular!(I wouldn't know that feeling) Once you get in the habit of getting rid of these distractions, you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in such a small amount of time. All it took was a little more focus that lacked before. So I challenge you to put aside any distractions that will not benefit you in getting a task done, next time you're trying to work. If anything, take 5-10 minutes before, to think about that work you're about to do then get it done! Focus is key.


Goal setting plays a huge part within fitness. When you have specific goals in mind, you're more likely to stay consistent and keep working. Figuring out what you want and having a clear view in your mind will drive you to make those goals become a thing of the past with new ones already forming! Some of the best tips I can give you on goal setting include:

  • Once you have your goals in mind, write them down. Once you can physically see them on paper, you will be holding yourself accountable even more and you'll be more likely to work towards them. Plus checking them off as you go is one amazing feeling!
  • Order them. As long as you have a good idea of each goal you're looking to achieve, list your short-term goals first and move down the list towards the ones that may take longer to accomplish.
  • Make sure your goals are attainable. Short-term goals are goals you KNOW you can attain within a certain amount of time. Shoot high while being somewhat realistic as well!
  • Put your goals somewhere so that you'll see them every day. (I.e: On your bathroom mirror, your closet door, your nightstand or bed post.) By reading them every day, you'll be reminded of what you're working for each day to help you stay focused on them.
  • Each night, ask yourself if you did everything you could on that day to move closer to accomplishing your goals. The next morning, wake up and work for them even more than you did yesterday.
 These should always be your daily goals of course!!

These should always be your daily goals of course!!

And most importantly, have fun with it. Every goal you're looking to accomplish should be something you truly want to accomplish. If you don't love what you're doing then why are you doing it? Find what you love and it won't be considered work anymore.



I came, I saw, I conquered.